The worst Superbowl video of 2014


Seeing as I’ve been postless for some time, I wanted to pick up where I left off. Superbowl. We all see the best, but here is the worst for a while.
Heinz: The commercial (from Cramer-Krasselt), the brand’s first in the Super Bowl in sixteen years, was appealing for its concise, charming message, but fart noises aren’t that funny.

Volkswagen Super Bowl 2013 Game Day Commercial. Get In. Get Happy. Be racist?

It’s that time of year when the Big Guns roll-out their big ads. VW have some form in this area with last years Vader effort.

This one is hitting the headlines with many protesting racist overtones. VW, whose U.S. headquarters are in Herndon, says critics have it all wrong.

“If you look at the whole intent of the commercial for us, it’s about making people happy,” said Scott Vazin, a VW spokesman. “The idea is to put a smile on your face. It’s simple and human and humorous.”

Perhaps, he said, “some people are over-thinking this one.”

The company said it tested the ad with consumers, including about 100 Jamaicans, and got no negative feedback. In the hours since the issue blew up, Vazin said, the company has gotten “many” positive comments from the public, including Jamaicans. “The response has been: ‘We get it. Accents don’t have a color,’ ” he said.

That’s what Richard Prince, who writes Journal-isms, a blog about diversity issues in the news business, says. “It’s good to remember that there are white and Asian Jamaicans, too, and they speak with what we would call a Jamaican accent,” he said.

Prince added: “It reminds me of anyone taken with another culture who comes back home and tries to emulate it. Think of all the white reggae and hip-hop fans.”

Interesting debate particularly in the US where in an online polling of Today viewers more than 93% said they like the spot.

So does Wykeham McNeill, Jamaica’s minister of tourism and entertainment. “We view it as a compliment,” says McNeill. “People should get into their inner Jamaica and get happy.” He’s even negotiating with VW for some sort of co-branding.

Is it racist – no – Does it veer towards using racial stereotypes – yes to a degree, but as most know this is a common accent amongst white Jamaicans and perhaps it is complimentary? It walks the line, but probably comes out on top. More no doubt to come on this one.

Just in case you haven’t seen the best music video of last year…Rudimental Feat. John Newman

Believe it or not, urban Philadelphia is home to a number of horsemen. The city has a large park system and 200 miles of trails, and in the ’80s, there were hundreds of cowboys out around town. Hackney, London four-piece Rudimental’s new video was filmed on Fletcher Street, whose riding community was profiled on This American Life‘s short-lived TV show. Horses have boarded on the residential stretch since WWII, but riders have struggled in the last few years, clashing with state agents who called conditions at the stables there “atrocious.” In spite of this, Fletcher Street still welcomes whoever shows up, giving kids a chance to ride, learn to take care of an animal and call it their own. With an organ, “Feel The Love” starts gentle but quickly goes full-gallop: bass hurling itself around like clothes in a dryer, a yowled trumpet melody. Below stream “Spoons,” another Rudimental track released in February.