Bruno adds a bit of Sauce

Interesting to see a “spoiler” at Sydney’s Bruno premier.

I’m a huge fan of creating Brand Fame and notoriety through clever guerilla marketing and stunts. Things that force the attention of the punter for all of the right reasons – creativity, innovation, timing or often bare faced cheek (Jarvis Cocker at the Brits), these are the memorable moments that still attract comment and publicity. Of real importance is that the Brand in question fits with the stunts. Relevance can’t be ignored or the Brand will be.

Nando’s + Hot Sauce + Blonde models + Bruno doesn’t quite add up in a relevant way for me?

Top marks for timing, effort and beating the one man security gauntlet, but it’s all in the execution as they say.

And a final thought for the more cynical of us…

…the Hummer sailed through, the camera was there at the door, the security wasn’t and some fine footage did appear on You Tube? Experience suggests that too little was in the way of those “crazy” Nando guys and perhaps even Bruno (….cut to Bruno surprised look), needs a little extra brand sauce to spice things up these days?


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