Barmy Army Tunes up for the Ashes

The Ashes series between England and Australia begins next Wednesday in Cardiff.

As a Pom, I’m looking forward to it and might even see it as there appears to be a “scorcher” in England and the Barmy Army will be out in full force.

The Barmy Army has developed into a Branded Business – one look at their website shows you how far they have come.

So it isn’t a surprise to see Naked Comms in the UK launch a soundtrack to the forthcoming tour. You can hear it at:

Matt Jagger, the agency’s head of entertainment, has written, recorded and produced the single, called Hey, Hey, Ricky.

Blue Square, the online betting site, and The Sun are supporting the release, which taunts Ricky Ponting, the Australia skipper, with a line in the chorus: We’re taking back the Ashes, they don’t belong to you.

All good stuff, but it has some tough competition in Barmy Army favourites such as:

The Aussies love the English

The Aussies love the English, you might find it quite strange

‘Cos we sent them all down under, with only balls and chains

And when they see the English, they always shout and scream

But when they had the chance to vote they voted for the Queen!

God save your gracious Queen

Long live your noble Queen

God save your Queen (you’re a convict)

Send her victorious

Happy and glorious

Long to reign over you

God save your Queen.

Let Battle commence!


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