VB Makes a Stand for the Common Man.

Dave Trott has been speaking on his blog about NY attitude translating directly into some great Branding and Advertising.

The Australian’s have a similarly well defined attitude often referred to as “Tall Poppy Syndrome”. Simply put, it is a populist, levelling social attitude. No one is necessarily better than anyone else, be it cab driver or corporate director.

The new VB ad shows this off in all it’s glory.

With such a big production (over 1,500 cast!), each viewing brings out another hidden gems:

  • “Blokes punching above their weight”
  • “Men who’ve had their arm in a cow”
  • “Guys who peaked in high school”
  • “Meat tray winners”
  • “Blokes who’ve done the phantom”
  • “The manscapers”
  • “Guys who claim to have punched a shark”
  • “The Brewers”
  • “The miniature bat signers”

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