Wonderful World of Webcam

This is great work for the band Sour, directed and produced by Hal Kirkland, Masa Kawamura (BBH New York), Magico Nakamura & Masayoshi Nakamura.

A message was sent out from the band to ask fans to volunteer for the new webcam driven music video.

The next few months were spent choreographing the performance. This was primarily done by the directors literally acting out and filming every part themselves to produce a detailed animatic, that in-turn would make it easier for their friends online to follow.

Once that was buttoned down the filming of over 80 people began. The directors wanted the action to be created from timed choreography to give it a more realistic feel and to make it more human.

In case you’re curious, the song is about discovering your own color or voice in this world. Thanks to BBH for sharing.


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