Vegemite “Name Me” ad by JWT

The new Vegemite ad by JWT invites consumers to come up with a name for the product, a combination of Vegemite, cream cheese and another secret ingredient, which will first appear on shelves bearing the label “Name Me”. The public originally named Vegemite in 1923 giving the campaign some nice heritage.

It’s a well integrated campaign and has a good dose of Brand Honesty in that it accepts that Vegemite polarizes. I think that the UK’s Marmite campaign is an excellent execution of a similar proposition:

Brands that invite consumer engagement – in this instance naming – are clever in recognising the power of the increasingly dis-connected consumer who has an abundance of choice. Getting them to feel more like a stakeholder is a strong idea e.g. via naming (Smiths Crisps: or advertising creative (Doritos make your own ad).

But Brand beware – as in the case of Doritos understand that you get what you ask for. Doritos web-site crashed and budding creatives lost their work resulting in significant bad publicity.

The Vegemite site is simple, well branded and easy to use:


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