More Moon Week: Space, Aliens and Fischer pens


This is an interesting piece of print advertising from a pen company in Australia.

This ad recognises the critical role of Fischer pens in the moon landing 40 years ago (see BBC knowledge post below). It features the very clever AG-7 Space Pen, which uses a pressurised cartridge of ink to work in weightless environments (or upside down) and was used in all of the Apollo missions.

It certainly grabbed my attention, but it took me a while to get to the pen.

I’m also assuming that the idea translates something like: if humans hadn’t had the pens, conquered the moon and space, then aliens would have remained ugly and green rather than having become the sophisticated city types that they now are?

What I am intrigued by is the thought behind it, but the execution may be too obscure for the average scribbler. It assumes that you know a bit about the pen’s role in the space race and its high tech credentials. A NASA license would have sealed the deal.

I might have been tempted to be more direct and show the pens hero role in saving the mission. The BBC knowledge promo shows how creative this can be.

But, it is the first pen ad I’ve noticed for a very long time and I quite fancy one.


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