Dance Your Ass Off (no really…)

“12 Contestants, 1.4 Tonnes, $100,000…” What an opening promo! The heavyweight new “Dance Your Ass Off” US series flattened TV screens  across Australia on Channel 9 this week. Rarely do we see such a sight.

The format is a hybrid of “Dancing With The Stars” and “The Biggest Loser”. They dance, they weigh in, the expert panel judges them. Not perhaps a “creative tour de force…”

After an amazing MasterChef Australia series which peaked at over 3.7 million viewers on Channel Ten, we are treated to the macabre sight of American’s trying to burst something (clothes or arteries) by “dancing”. DYAO averaged just over 795,000 viewers this week.

Some off-spring, despite the best of parents (in two reality show winners), just don’t quite make the grade. Saying that, it became the sleeper hit for the US channel Oxygen and features prominently on their web-site.

In the words of the Sydney Morning Herald; “This is a frighteningly garish production full of shrill, inarticulate Americans”.

Who knows, perhaps the Australians will develop an appetite for it?


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