New Zealand moves closer to Australia. Literally.

Kiwis are funny people (sheep jokes aside). As proven by Kiwi comedy. Pamela Stephenson used to be funny and she is a Kiwi. Flight of the Conchords is still very funny and they are very Kiwi as proven in the clip.

The latest news from NZ is that Air fares from Sydney to NZ are due to drop as NZ has now moved closer to Australia after last week’s “huge” earthquake. The quake was so powerful it pushed the South Island 30cm closer to Australia (in the west). The island’s east coast moved only 1cm westwards, as if in defiance.

The 7.8 magnitude quake, the biggest in New Zealand for 78 years, caused slight damage to buildings and property when it struck the remote Fiordland region last Thursday.

A tsunami was generated – a tide gauge on the west coast recorded a wave of 1m causing excitement amongst the local surfing community.

Classic. And an excuse to use the fantastic FOTC Mermaid song.

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