United Airlines Breaking Guitars keeps Dave Carroll singing…

A lot of people have seen this. Well over 4 million via Youtube to date since its release in early July (see the video below….).

The fact that it has been a success isn’t really news. Dave’s story of “United Breaks Guitars” is a hit.

The continuing saga and his personal success is interesting. His viral post attracted so many negative comments about United Airlines baggage handling and service, some reports have claimed a 10% drop in United’s share price as a result.

United have donated $3,000 to a music charity and incredibly have said they will use the video in training staff, but amazingly nothing for Dave?

Not that Dave is worrying too much. His song is now the number one country download on iTunes in the UK where he has become a star. He now intends to do a follow up song regarding the lady that rejected his claim.

Over 17,000 people have left comments supporting Dave with a large proportion saying they will boycott United.

The Youtube video has now made its way onto traditional media including:


National News Australia

Rolling Stone Magazine

The Daily Mail

The Times

It seems incredible that United have allowed it to go this far? It says very little for the corporate PR culture at United. This could have been turned into a PR positive for the airline, instead their reputation for customer service is in tatters and will be for some time to come.

Here is one of the best examples of the power of social media (and a bit of creativity!)

The millions of dollars spent in building reputations and services can be neutralized by one angry man. And the winner is Dave – visit his website for more….a good read particularly regarding Ms Irlweg.



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