SKY UK “Start of Season” on-air football promo

Continuing the theme from previous posts about strong channel promos for sport (see below), here is another good example from SKY in the UK.

It heralds the start of the season. And similar to those from FOX Sports and ESPN, it makes the most of the visceral emotion of the football fan.

Shot by Mark Harris and from the UK agency Brothers and Sisters, it captures the emotion and anticipation of the season ahead and importantly shows the empathy felt by SKY for a wide range of fans because they “feel the same”.

In other words good emotional stuff from SKY and backed up by their excellent coverage, interactive features and overall production of the games.

Four’N Twenty Magic Salad Plate – a winner.

The Effie Awards honour the most significant achievement in advertising and marketing communications: effectiveness.

They shine because they look at actual effectiveness in market and are held in high regard across 39 countries that participate.

The above won Gold in the Food, Confectionary & Snacks category for Four’N Twenty pies and Clemenger BBDO in Australia.

Volume growth of over 25% and sales growth of over 36% for the range is impressive and demonstrates that creativity and continuity across the range is still key.

The full case study is excellent reading and can be seen at:

The Lynx Effect Party Across the Internet. True On-line Innovation!


Lynx Shower Gel for men is being promoted in Australia with an interesting interactive web experience, “The Lynx Effect Party Across the Internet”.

This really needs to be seen to be truly appreciated.

It is consistent with the brand as well as being relevant, interesting and motivating to the target market of teenage boys to men (i.e. parties, girls and macho fantasy)

Anti Hangover, Shock and Fever Shower Gel provide the colours and fragrances for a range of male fantasy experiences, on-line at

Users are swept through experiences at men’s magazine Ralph, surf magazine QuiksilverPro, MySpace and video site before landing at the Lynx Effect Facebook page.

The campaign includes the Lynx Party Pix Party facebook application, and is linked with and

Click here to kick it off:

This is truly innovative and brings new creative thinking to an established on-line medium.

Soap Creative are the agency behind it with media by Universal McCann. Thanks also to The Inspiration Room for an early post.

The Ashes Advertising

Having already posted on the merits of SBS and FOX Sports coverage (The Battle for the Ashes – but who won?), it is worth a quick mention of pre and post advertising for the series.

SBS came out with some strong stuff early on in Australia (as did the Australian cricket team in the UK….):

The Follow On in the English press however, took a clever route of looking at the original press ad that announced the death of the ashes. Nice job by Yahoo cricket:

(thanks to Adland for the above)

The original was written by Reginald Brooks under the pseudonym “Bloobs” and appeared in The Sporting Times. It read:

In Affectionate Remembrance
which died at the Oval
29th AUGUST, 1882,
Deeply lamented by a large circle of sorrowing
friends and acquaintances
N.B.—The body will be cremated and the
ashes taken to Australia.

Land Rover ‘montage’ by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R – But what about Olympus?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Seeing this was a touch disappointing.

It is beautifully produced, a strong creative idea, interesting and relevant to the product.

But the Olympus original was much, much better.

This ad is not so much derivative as plagiarized from the Olympus Pen viral recently produced and discussed in a post below The Olympus Pen Super Stop Motion:

There are very few truly original ideas. Olympus credited their stop motion technique to an original film entitled “A wolf loves pork”, by Taijin Takeuchi. Olympus intentionally quoted his work in their viral movie, showing full respect to his original idea.

There are over 1 million views of the Olympus work on YouTube and doubtless thousands of other sites featuring the work.

The matching similarity of the Land Rover and Olympus pieces takes the shine off the creative (despite its obvious quality) and leaves you wondering if the client knew about the “original”. Even the whistling soundtrack and fish tank idea?

Another interesting example is the new Target Colour ad from The Campaign Palace in Melbourne. It is derived from (or inspired by?) the video for “Her Morning Elegance” by Oren Lavie:

But in this case it is clearly a derivative / evolution and some would argue an improvement on the original that received over 7 million YouTube views boosted by Target’s ad.

Copy too closely as Land Rover have done and the creative community and consumers quickly notice.

Hopefully the Land Rover client was in the frame from day one….

The Battle for the Ashes – but who won?

The Battle for the Ashes is now over.

But the debate remains – who won?

Was the SBS Stuart MacGill presentation, idents, sponsors and all, better than FOX Sports with their interactive features, newspaper links, ad campaign and star staffers including Brendon Julian, Mark Waugh and Allan Border?

Of particular note was the SBS Promo for the series. Produced by Tactic, the SBS promo oozes nostalgia and emotion with the greats past and present:

Compared to FOX Sports using the latest series footage highlights, production technology and a very hip soundtrack to appeal to the new fans.

And I think that this is the difference. Cricket is going through a quiet revolution, discarding the dusty past in favour of the digital, youthful future. And not just targeting the new younger viewer, but the traditional cricket fan as more and more older users embrace the advantages of on-line and on-screen TV interactivity.

Both websites recognized the importance of the web, but FOX Sports were able to present the digital interactive features on screen during the game and through the use of digital recorders allowed playback of vital moments. This is where the future of the game and TV lies.

A great example is in a post below: Fox Sports viewers make the call on Katich – The Ashes 2009 – Fox Sports – Viewers of FOX Sports 3 bombarded the SKY UK commentary team with their “point of view” via email in Freddie Flintoff’s bowling of Katich – noting the no ball courtesy of the I.Q. Playback.

SKY Sports UK produced a fantastic series which both SBS and FOX Sports used, but the pre-show specials and interviews from Nick McArdle and Damien Flemming with Botham and Atherton live from the UK, combined with their digital interactive features, made it a winner for FOX Sports.

Also special mention to the excellent print and radio work by Three Drunk Monkeys for FOX Sports – the campaign dramatises the Ashes and what they mean to the Aussies:

A classic battle in every sense of the word and just as a new satellite launch promises more Australian Pay TV channel choices…

Maximum Ride – The Kids Who Could Fly / Standing on the ledge – New Zealand

Rarely you see some striking “ambient” creative. Too often base graffiti is confused with ambient media under the “guerilla” banner.

Here is a good one.

Maximum Ride is a children’s book series from the original author James Patterson.

The story is about fourteen-year-old Maximum Ride, better known as Max, who knows what it’s like to soar above the world. She and all the members of the ‘Flock’ – Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman and Angel – are just like ordinary kids – only they have wings and can fly.

The decals which appeared in Auckland, do the publicity perfectly and creatively captured the kids imagination as shown below:

Nice job by Colenso BBDO, Auckland, New Zealand.