Nike SB – Today Was a Good Day – P. Rod and Ice Cube

Nike SB have produced a “Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez III” a very grand name for the new shoe named after Paul or “P. Rod”, one of their professional riders and a budding actor.

The launch has a very “sick” ad (in the words of the fans), featuring Ice Cube in his low rider complete with evil grimace.

There is a great pay-off on the version below, but the version on-air doesn’t include it. Shame as this really contributes a lot to the ad:

It is a very tight, well shot piece of work with the right soundtrack. You will be nodding along in a hip-hop style. It presents another street credible side to Nike – along with Livestrong and other sports. Nike have done well to hold onto credibility in so many different areas.

Clever stuff, close to their consumer and still going strong.