New Bonds Underwear Ad – Rollerskating “Racey Shapes”

Bonds Underwear is well known DownUnder.

They have had a traumatic PR ride as their production went off-shore, but in the face of a PR maelstrom, they have continued with high profile interesting advertising.

The latest ad is the subject of a later post:

New Bonds Hipsters Underwear ad – Band.

Sarah Murdoch has featured as have some “happy slapping” girls.

The recent ads catch the eye. One for the ladies (or pre-pubescent boys) is “Racey Shapes”:

The ad by The Campaign Palace, is reminiscent of a 70’s classic. Very Heather Graham in Boogie Nights…

It features the now much loved Bond Girls on roller skates and is another good addition to a strong campaign idea to show off pants to their best.

Proving that Bonds clearly have a sense of humour, their ad for the boys boxer still brings a smile each time I see it:

7 thoughts on “New Bonds Underwear Ad – Rollerskating “Racey Shapes”

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  2. This ad is excellent, all but for the tiny amount of time given to the male models.
    I’m a 62yo married woman, who still likes to look, it’s healthy & there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as I don’t touch.
    But why is it, that the cute girls are given all the time, whilst the male models, just seconds.
    Not fair!!

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