Johnnie Walker – The Man Who Walked Around The World.

A lot is said about brand engagement and a decreasing attention span for ads.

BBH have bucked the trend with a creative tour de force for Johnnie Walker.

“The Man Who Walked Around the World” is a six-minute piece of storytelling that features Robert Carlyle walking through the Scottish Highlands. Carlyle tells the story of the brand’s birth, growth and development.

Surprisingly you find yourself mesmerized for over 6 minutes, with a true history of a global brand. This isn’t manufactured heritage. This is the real thing and is unique to the brand. As always, a good, well told story goes a long way and Robert Carlyle adds to it all with the uncompromising delivery.

The production values are spot on (done in one take – the last one of the day at 8pm…). It engages you from many aspects – story, character and creative execution.

It may not fit the traditional format of many TV or cinema ads, but it will be remembered and registered as a quality ad for a quality product.

Great creative from the agency and a bold move by the client.


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