“30 Seconds” new promos for Comedy Channel – “Sumo” & “Martin”

Peter O’Brien, Joel Tobeck, Gyton Grantley, Stephen Curry and Jenna Lind will feature in 30 Seconds, the new scripted comedy Andrew Denton is producing for the Comedy Channel in Australia.

The show is a character study ‘based on the moral dilemmas people face, heightened by the excesses of the advertising industry and the three maintain no character in the show is based on any single person they know, but drawn from many of their real-life experiences.’

The show’s creators Tim Bullock, Justin Drape and Scott Nowell, worked together at advertising agency Saatchi&Saatchi in Sydney. The six part series will be directed by Underbelly’s Shawn Seet and the writing also includes SeaChange and Fast Forward’s Andrew Knight.

A couple of highly entertaining promos have been produced by the very on-form Three Drunk Monkeys agency.

It looks as though the advertising insiders will be poking serious fun at the inner workings of the industry.


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