Land Rover ‘montage’ by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R – But what about Olympus?

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Seeing this was a touch disappointing.

It is beautifully produced, a strong creative idea, interesting and relevant to the product.

But the Olympus original was much, much better.

This ad is not so much derivative as plagiarized from the Olympus Pen viral recently produced and discussed in a post below The Olympus Pen Super Stop Motion:

There are very few truly original ideas. Olympus credited their stop motion technique to an original film entitled “A wolf loves pork”, by Taijin Takeuchi. Olympus intentionally quoted his work in their viral movie, showing full respect to his original idea.

There are over 1 million views of the Olympus work on YouTube and doubtless thousands of other sites featuring the work.

The matching similarity of the Land Rover and Olympus pieces takes the shine off the creative (despite its obvious quality) and leaves you wondering if the client knew about the “original”. Even the whistling soundtrack and fish tank idea?

Another interesting example is the new Target Colour ad from The Campaign Palace in Melbourne. It is derived from (or inspired by?) the video for “Her Morning Elegance” by Oren Lavie:

But in this case it is clearly a derivative / evolution and some would argue an improvement on the original that received over 7 million YouTube views boosted by Target’s ad.

Copy too closely as Land Rover have done and the creative community and consumers quickly notice.

Hopefully the Land Rover client was in the frame from day one….