Nike ‘make the difference’ by Wieden & Kennedy London

Most of us who appreciate good advertising, appreciate the work of W&K for Nike Football.

It is creatively insightful, global in scale and utilizes all of their assets (players and teams) to full effect.

The really interesting thing about the campaigns is the level of continuity and integration across platforms, countries and products.

The new offering is the “Make The Difference” campaign. The integrated campaign of TV, OOH, Print and Digital premieres in the UK and then continues to roll out globally throughout the year. It is about what makes the players who feature in the spots truly great.

The first two spots featuring Theo Walcott (Arsenal) and Wayne Rooney (Man Utd), premiered in the Arsenal v Man Utd match last Saturday. Obvious but excellent placement.

The Rooney spot, shot by director Malcolm Venville, opens on a very mentally focused Rooney staring at his reflection in a locker room mirror. It delivers a professionals passion for the game in a new innovative way. Great stuff – even for a Newcastle fan.