New Wrangler “Stop Thinking” Campaign

Wrangler is asking consumers to “stop thinking” in a new TV campaign created by Fred & Farid Paris who have done some cracking work for Diesel in the past. The ad, directed by Yannis Rachid, drives consumers to the brand website

Moody stuff, but I’m a bit lost on any connection to the Brand.

The website features more moody B/W ads “Why” and “Baby” . The Baby ad is bizarre and in the face of Levis classic BBH ads and Diesel style amongst others, it certainly struggles to sell the brand.

A shame to leave the instilled American heritage behind?


One thought on “New Wrangler “Stop Thinking” Campaign

  1. A shame indeed. What were they thinking? There’s a lot of integrity in the American Heritage of Wrangler so why not find a way to capitalize on it….are they ashamed of America right now and they way Americans are behaving…so they go with a more broad-stroke feeling that transcends???

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