Gatorade Replay Project

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Gatorade has taken on the sports giants at their own game.

A really interesting idea is detailed above. It gets to the honesty of sports passion in a way that many others haven’t.

The game was the 104th meeting between two of the nations biggest high school football rivals and settled their 1993 game that ended in a 7-7 tie. The Easton, Pa., vs. Phillipsburg, N.J., game has been played annually since 1906 on Thanksgiving Day, drawing crowds of more than 20,000 fans each year.

After undergoing an intensive 10-week training and conditioning program developed by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute and Velocity Sports Performance, the athletes, now in their early 30s, donned their helmets, strapped on their shoulder pads and laced up their cleats to participate in a full-contact, regulation game in front of a sold out crowd just as they had 15 years earlier.


Toshiba Chair – Space Chair Project

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In these days of technical wizardry when anything can be made to seem real, I really, really want to believe (and I do…) that this ad is all that it makes out to be.

It is almost too good an idea for the product.

You suspect the idea was one of those in the mind of a creative just waiting for a brief, but all in all it is wonderfully shot and composed (no V/O) and the pay-off works. The addendum below suggests it was all a strategic move…

Thought provoking and memorable.

As an addendum – nice to see that they posted the proof and a rationale!

VW Fun theory – Bottle Bank Arcade Machine

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More simple Brilliance from VW via the Bottle Bank at

Maybe all brands will be this smart someday?

Lets replace “Return On Investment” with “Return On Ideas”? The Swedish strike again…


M&S Chrimbo – the Christmas ad lives!

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Here is a cracker of a christmas from the good people at M&S.

For all of those who hanker after frost, grey skies, crowded shopping streets, drunken Christmas office parties, Yorkshire puddings, roasted parsnips, sleeping in front of the telly, the Queens speech and the fake pink Christmas trees…