New UK Weetabix ‘Steeplechase’


Vodpod videos no longer available.

The new advert from Weetabix is causing a suitable stir in the UK.

It gets back to a core campaign idea of performance (remember its all about 3 Weetabix a day…)

Relevant, interesting and fun for a family. Hopefully we see more around the campaign idea.

Agency: WCRS

Agency Producer: Sally Lipsius

Creative: Larry Seftel / Dave Day

Director: Ringan Ledwdige

Production Company: Rattling Stick

Producer: Sally Humphries

Director of Photography: Jess Hall

Post Production: The Mill – London

Editor: Richard Orrick – Work Post



1 thought on “New UK Weetabix ‘Steeplechase’

  1. I think its ridiculous, I prefer Alpen myself. Weetabix dries out and sticks to the bowl forming a hard resinous mass. Ridiculous. Weetabics – Weetashit more like

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