Absolute Branding goes naked – no Branding!

Absolut No label

Absolut may not be the biggest Vodka in the world, but their advertising and communications strategies have been the most consistent and of the highest quality for a very long time. With each new round comes more original thought, showing that consistency in a campaign can drive absolute creativity…

This is a limited edition bottle that manifests the idea that it’s what’s inside that counts.

”For the first time we dare to face the world completely naked. We launch a bottle with no label and no logo, to manifest the idea, that no matter what’s on the outside, it’s the inside that really matters. The bottle visually manifests our belief in diversity and our standpoint when it comes to sexual identities. Off course it is also a wonderful piece of delicate and minimalist design, a true collectors item” says Kristina Hagbard, Global PR Manager at The Absolut Company.

The nude bottle is part of a greater initiative where Absolut wants to challenge labels and prejudice about sexual identities. You remember the rainbow bottle? Once again, Absolut is showing support of the LGBT community, by promoting a diverse world (with no labels).

(Thanks to Adland / Sweden for the post!)



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