Pedigree Dogs slow-motion ad. Shot @ 1000 FPS using the Phantom camera

It’s dogs in slow-mo catching treats. What could be better.

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This is a phenomenal, yet simple ad. It avoids a lot of those cliched dog running or in the kitchen shots.

Simply put, if you own a dog and buy treats, there is a good chance you really like dogs and the reaction when you give them treats.

Turn this into a wonderfully shot emotive piece of film, add a very well synched sound track and you even tempt those of us without dogs to buy the treats…

Very watchable, memorable and motivating.

Old Spice – Smell like a man, man

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More funny stuff – great v/o, copy and visuals – beef sandwich indeed!


The dawn chorus… the music of love… whale song… a babbling brook… but none compare to the beauty of the Codeorgan. It reads the content of any webpage and translates the content into music.

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Nikon Virtual touchscreen technology

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This is the future revolution for interactive technologies and worth a look.

What I like is the premise that we have lost touch with images as “Bits n  Bytes”

In the new Nikon technology, you control the content by waving your hand in front of your webcam – you can also pinch to zoom in and out of photos, analogously to how the touchscreen works on some of the Nikon cameras. This brings you back in touch with your images / memories…

In a smart piece of distributed functionality, the image interface was exported via a bookmarklet that you can use it on other photo sites. The bookmarklet pulls the images back into the Nikon site so you can use the functionality there.

Here is the tech stuff:

Gestural interfaces are the future of human computer interaction, at least until we find a way to connect something straight into your brain. Despite the excitement the first multi-touchscreens triggered and the seeming ubiquity of the iPhone touchscreen paradigm it spawned, little has been made of their potential. Things like FluidTunes – an app which lets you control iTunes by waving your hand in front of the built-in webcam – and interactive installations triggered by similar motion detection both show new ways to interact with content, experiences and brands.

Check out Fluidtunes

Have a Picnic and get on TV

GPY&R Melbourne have a nice new ad for Cadbury Picnic

They created a website where people can film themselves attempting to eat a Picnic bar in 30 seconds.

The idea is simple, effective and infectious – we wait to see schoolyards a buzz in a chocolate frenzy.

The eaters can be famous whilst being sick…but the best bit is the unsanitized nature of the product demo. No perfect pack shot – just real people doing real things.

Great. And the VO is bang on.

“More than a Feeling” for BBH’s Barclaycard roller coaster

Barclaycard have undergone an advertising revolution and made cards fashionable (well at least the benefits in a rollercoaster world).

Following the brilliant “Waterslide” spot we see another perfect product demo. John Hegarty’s BBH do the job better than most

Add a good tune and away you go!