Tetley Tea Folk – just the way you are


Post my last post, here’s Sydney singing an ode to tea.

Lovely stuff for those that connect with the old UK ads.


An interesting nostalgic take on the more modern Australian Tetley strategy…

Tetley Tea “Leaving you” TVC


Something different for the category. There’s a really nice piece with a sleeve…I guess the take-out is take some time out with Tetley.

Clemenger Melbourne did the job.

(Anyone still remember the Tetley Tea Folk?)

Cadbury Dairy Milk “Joyville” Tv ad


We all know Gorilla, and many love the glass and a half off-beat view of chocolate making. My favourite is still Bubbly with Nena and her luftballoons (as previously posted here)

The Willy Wonker-ish premise is something everyone can relate to and there are glimpses of nicely cast characters, but does it give you the same feeling of satisfaction and surprise as the others?

One of the successes of the other executions was that they prompted a conversation – either “have you seen” or “how did they do that” in the case of glass and a half.

One of the great successes of their campaigns overall is branding – you know from the very first scene that the colour is Cadbury – brilliant job on owning the colour.

However, owning Wonker territory perhaps demands a more “Tim Burton” view of the world.

I feel that Joyville is a cracking premise / idea, but I would have liked an even more quirky execution to leave me wanting to see it again and talk about it. I think that this could develop nicely.

(Disclaimer: I am addicted to the product and love all things Cadbury)

Red Light Girls in Amsterdam


Part of a broader campaign and worth watching to the (silent) end.

Expect to see / hear more as the campaign builds.

Check out the Belgium agency website here: http://www.duvalguillaume.com/news/