There will be stories “Welcome to the Jungle” – Sydney’s Star Casino ad

Rarely do you come across TV work where you are intrigued enough to really want to watch it through and see who or what it is advertising.

This is one of those rare ads – nicely shot of course and wonderfully cast ( a genuine legend in Bill Baker and a large cast at that…), with a nod perhaps to Fat Boy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice” video featuring Christopher Walken?

Heaps of watchability in repeat viewing – spotting the Ducatti in the pool, red Ferrari, Hippy, Emu line up and more.

Welcome to the Jungle – is a nice touch. Relevant to what they are selling and a nice re-imagining of the Guns n Roses original.

Good work from the Monkeys in Sydney

As an interesting post script – debate is raging in the trade press (ref. B&T) following Richard Chees’e claim of plagiarism on the music. The Monkeys have strongly denied this.

Here is his version and his Facebook page is pretty much to the point in terms of his opinion… “Wtf. Wtf??????? Wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a commercial for some casino in Australia, and they ripped off my “Welcome To The Jungle” arrangement!!!!!!!!!!! You shonky ratbags!!! I’ll tell you right now, this shall not go unpunished. Crikey!!!”

5 thoughts on “There will be stories “Welcome to the Jungle” – Sydney’s Star Casino ad

  1. This ad seems hell bent on representing Sydney’s casino as a dangerous, ‘out there’ place to be! Maybe that was always the intention, and this merely confirms it.Like a call to arms to all the elements of society that Sydney loathes, but can’t do without. I have a feeling that Crown Casino won’t be using the same ad agency to further their cause. A bit baffling to be honest.

    • This is the best ad I have seen in a good while. I know my wealthy and successful brother would love it too – and he is certainly not an element of society that Sydney loathes! Also, I don’t see Sydney’s casino as dangerous on the basis of this ad, rather AWESOME, upbeat and spectacular!!! A bit brilliant to be honest.

      • OK, I may have been slightly out of line with the ‘dangerous’ thing. Just slightly. But it still reeks! Your wealthy and successful brother may well feel right at home in this environment. He sounds like a real prince! As for the psycho crooner singing a fifties version of a cheese rock standard, OUCH!! Shove that piano down the stairs! Why not, it’s Sydney!

  2. Great ad but what moron approved at ad for a casino with those lyrics…amazed problem gambling advocates haven’t had it yanked.

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