Kleenex Gripples toilet roll TV ad – dog sniffs bums

We now firmly understand that a labrador puppy is the spokes-dog for toilet paper.

Usually he sprukes soft, strong and very, very long. And because he is soft and cuddly, we naturally assume that the product has similar qualities. We don’t often question if these are the properties that make it the best toilet paper, probably because it’s not something we choose to debate and discuss.

So it’s interesting to see Kleenex apply this more direct approach to the category.

Basically, does your bum smell?

After the initial shock of being confronted by such a direct accusation, we can consider what the ad is trying to do.

The cute puppy, is now less interested in playing with toilet rolls and is more interested in being a dog and smelling bums. Those that use Kleenex pass the test. Those that don’t get a yelp of terror from our cute character assassin.

Kleenex have made one concession to our potential embarrassment by making up a new word for textured toilet paper – gripples. To me it sounds a bit like a grade of sandpaper and perhaps not as cumfy as it is meant to. They are trading off this imaginative invention:

Here is what the company says in a press release from Kimberly-Clark:

“While a little edgier than previous Kleenex Cottonelle brand campaigns, the aim is to attract more premium brand switchers, who represent 60% of the market, by communicating the strength of Kleenex Cottonelle as well as the softness it’s renowned for.”

Marketing manager for Kleenex Cottonelle brand, Michelle Rossier said:

‘People use personal care products to feel clean and fresh all day, however they don’t connect this feeling to the toilet tissue they buy. The new campaign positions Kleenex Cottonelle brand as the toilet tissue that provides you with a superior level of clean.”

On the one hand (pun intended) this is a very different move in the category. It will get noticed.

On the other, do people want to be confronted by such a direct message?

My view is that it works to build awareness, but NOT brand engagement amongst the mass market. It has the cute credentials of the puppy to defuse a very direct commentary on hygiene and might perhaps, through the innovative invention of gripples, combine enough rational reasons with the emotion of our previously polite puppy to put this brand at the top of the shopping list. But that is a big “might” in the mass market shopping aisle.

Whilst it is great to see some difference in one of those tricky categories, I think this is missing the true insight on real consumer attitudes and the client has been sold “difference” against “effectiveness”.

The association to a dog sniffing a bum (and what we mean here is poo!) is at odds with what consumers want from the category – i.e. discretion and effectiveness without the overt reference to usage. No one wants to badge themselves in this category!

Just like the Care Free “Vagina” ad, the literal use of contentious words and actions becomes gratuitous and actually isn’t big or clever from a creative point of view. Very few brands successfully shock us into the sell – despite a creative belief that the notoriety of contentious / confronting ads will increase appeal.

As a footnote, I understand that there has been an immediate sales impact on Kleenex. And not a good one. Bummer.


10 thoughts on “Kleenex Gripples toilet roll TV ad – dog sniffs bums

  1. My husband and I were offended by this ad……we found it most inappropriate, and it would certainly NOT cause us to continue buying these toilet rolls.

  2. Same, especially when your having a snack. I feel like vomitting. I wont be buying those toilet rolls because of that ad. Disgusting, worst ad ever.

  3. I find the gripples extremely offensive.
    Also I find it to be sexually biased onsomuch as the content of 1 female to 3 male. Does this imply that men are more prone by a factor of 3:1,
    or is it suggested that the female is odour free !!??

  4. Yeah, strangely I feel the same way. I am not at all easy to offend and do not find Poo a taboo subject. However, for some reason this ad does annoy me. It works – we will be switching brands, having used Cotonelle for a few years we are now off to try something else.

  5. I am pretty liberal minded but I found this to be the most offensive add I have seen in my 52 years of life. Completely made me change my mind on continuing to be a customer of Kleenex. Quilton just won a customer.

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  7. Think of the sports shows mentioning the “gripple tackle!”…wonder if its anywhere near as judiciary prone as the chicken wing!

  8. Coming from a person whose humor often borderlines disgusting, I am at a loss as to what Kleenex was thinking with this ad, its not a bit on the nose (yeah i did!!!), I find it also insulting. I was a brand hopper, but now will not buy Kleenex, as all I can now associate the brand with now, is a dog, sniffing smells emanating from someones arse. I don’t know about you, but I think the strongest theme, is implying that if you don’t use gripples, then you don’t wipe your bum properly which I find quite insulting.

  9. This ad is counter-intuitive … dogs are usually drawn to the malodorous – the stinkier the better, not the unscented and clean.

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