The Shit / $#*! kids say

This is interesting. A difficult category at best. I can remember some over engineered and wincingly awkward ads in the past which have shocked people into discussion, but probably not action.

This has a build into a believable and sincere, but subtle message.

The question is what is the objective – awareness, action against suspicion or donation? I think that awareness will build, but I wish it had a harder call to action.

Still a strong piece of work and I hope that whatever DM is associated to the campaign drives a message home.


The Guinness St Patrick’s Day Round Up

It is certainly getting the views on-line, but I dont think it has the same tone and class as previous more understated efforts. Ref the classic white and black pint

The great thing about Guinness was the understated confidence in it’s humour and advertising. I can’t help looking at this and feeling it is “try-hard” and the joke is stretched by the end of it. Easy to buy the idea, but it should have been shorter and simpler as a reveal.

Audi ad gets the prize

Much more about a short shelf life for the SuperBowl and hitting the Zeitgeist of a younger generation of aspirational Americans.

I like it for the fact that it sells a feature and presents it in a relevant, interesting way, but they still have some fun with the brand without it being at the brands expense. Fun and effective.

SKY MOVIES – a great execution of an old one but good one…

If you do this it has to be high quality and seamless – this one nails it.

It stars Jason Thorpe as an newspaper man making his way home from the office to see his family. On his way home he comes face to face with characters from Superman, Where the Wild Things Are, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Gulliver’s Travels, The King’s Speech, Mary Potter and It’s A Wonderful Life.