Carlton Draught Beer Police Chase TV ad


Clemenger BBDO Melbourne have made a new blokes beer ad. It’s good to see a big ad for a big Aussie brand taking centre stage again.

Enviable ad budgets, blokes, beer, it’s all there, but there is a nice quirky ’80’s movie parody idea behind it that supports Carlton Draught‘s ‘Made From Beer’ positioning. We expect a lot from big brand beer ads and this one delivers.

The ad takes you on an entertaining story and is played out with some nice touches with a good deal of mirth.

If Carlton want to be a bit blokey, young, fun and trendy, then this should work wonders.

A nice touch was the fact it was distributed to the AFL database before it is aired in the ‘footy’ finals on Friday night.

Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, Australia
ECD: Ant Keogh
Art Director: Ant Phillips
Copywriter: Richard Williams
Managing Partner: Paul McMillan
Director: Steve Ayson
Managing Director: Andy Traines
Producer: Cindy Kavanagh
Head of Production: Renee Robson
Production Supervisor: Gus Kousoulas
Editing: The Butchery

James Magnussen and CommBank Can / Can’t, versus NAB honesty advertising


Just when I thought that this campaign was on-track to deliver justification of the Toni Collette “Can” campaign via press and outdoor, this ad pops up?

Perhaps the budgets of the bank are indeed bottomless.

I get that they sponsor James Magnussen (whatever benefit this brings…), but what is the relevance to banking here or the campaign?

Entertaining perhaps, different certainly, but we were promised that banking would be different with CommBank who “can” deliver for us? This is delivering a swimmer to the Olympics via some larrikin letters?

Surely banking is governed by the same KPI’s as the rest of the marketing world – sales and service levels of satisfaction. Perhaps awareness of this sponsorship was the objective, somewhat confused by “Can” versus the letter “T” (very Sesame Street)

I fail to fully understand where this Can campaign strategy is going. Toni Collette, to rational press and outdoor, to gimmicky support of sponsorship…I’m struggling to see the wood for the trees. I wonder if potential customers are as confused? Banking is serious business and CommBank seem to be taking a very light approach to attract customers purely on emotive values.

If loyalty is a function of trust, I think that the new NAB campaign is doing a better job. Staged stunts perhaps, but I think the mass market majority will come away with the feeling of trust and security that a bank wants to impart. I particularly like the “spelt my name wrong” comment – adding some much needed authenticity after the slightly over done walkie-talkie dialogue:

Oh to have a bank’s budgets…

AFL Makes the grade on-line

AFL Webpage

The Ultimate Sports Websites Awards (Published via SportsBusiness magazine) is an annual celebration of the best in class and an opportunity to raise the bar for excellence in website content, design, and function.

Chelsea FC won the Ultimate Sports Website Award and was the overall winner. It was best in sector, best for site style and best site community. Others in the mix were Man Utd., Euro 2008, WRC, Cricinfo, London 2012, NBA and UEFA.

Against some tough competition, it was good to see the Australian Football League (AFL) winning the Federation or League site award.

All things AFL can be enjoyed at: