Bungie / Halo Reach – Deliver Hope

Still the best advertising and soundtrack for the category. Genius.

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XBOX Halo Reach – Birth Of A Spartan – (2010) More than just a video game…

Halo continue with their strategy to have their ads tell part of the story in the upcoming games,this ad is airing in the US and the UK this week, and it will also be running during opening weekend of Iron Man 2 in 100 theaters nationwide. The game title will be available in 6 months.

Birth of a Spartan is the journey of a young Carter-259, future leader of Noble Team, as he undergoes the medical augmentation procedures that are the final stage in his transformation from a young man into a Spartan III super soldier. Noble Team will be the protagonists of Halo Reach, the all-new next chapter of the Halo video game series on XBOX 360. We follow Carter from moment he wakes up in the morning, to his space flight to the orbital medical facility, through the actual procedures, and finally culminating in his dramatic realization of his transformation at the end of the film.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

XBox Halo 3 “We are ODST” full trailer with translation

The above trailer for the new Halo 3 XBOX game is featured in an earlier post. “Halo 3 ODST The Life” Live Action Trailer for XBox 360 as the original first release version.

But, as it gains more traction through a 30″ cut-down TV ad, social media and advertising sites are delving into the details.

The above on YouTube now features translations as the insatiable appetite from Halo fans is appeased.

Here’s some more background released as the game is released on the 22nd September….

Directed by Rupert Sanders.

Special effects: Stan Winston Studios


Tentative Hungarian translation, NOT Russian (as fans are keen to point out!):

Trainer: Left face!

Trainer: Present arms!

Trainer: FIRE!

Trainer (when hair is shaved): Attention!

Trainer: TARKOV! You call that attention?! Drop and give me 30! Now!

Trainer (when yelling during obstacle course): Do you want to die?! Do you?! Faster! Go go go!

The song roughly translates to:

“And my army of brothers went over the hilltops, drenched in blood we may be… but fighting is all left to me… together with my army of brothers… down we fall… darkness in all… through hell!”

If anything this shows the power of the franchise and fan base, leaving no stone unturned as the game hits the shelves…