Smart Advertising that tells it’s own story


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The Lynx Effect Party Across the Internet. True On-line Innovation!


Lynx Shower Gel for men is being promoted in Australia with an interesting interactive web experience, “The Lynx Effect Party Across the Internet”.

This really needs to be seen to be truly appreciated.

It is consistent with the brand as well as being relevant, interesting and motivating to the target market of teenage boys to men (i.e. parties, girls and macho fantasy)

Anti Hangover, Shock and Fever Shower Gel provide the colours and fragrances for a range of male fantasy experiences, on-line at

Users are swept through experiences at men’s magazine Ralph, surf magazine QuiksilverPro, MySpace and video site before landing at the Lynx Effect Facebook page.

The campaign includes the Lynx Party Pix Party facebook application, and is linked with and

Click here to kick it off:

This is truly innovative and brings new creative thinking to an established on-line medium.

Soap Creative are the agency behind it with media by Universal McCann. Thanks also to The Inspiration Room for an early post.

Japanese Electric Paper Advertising

Dave Trotts excellent Blog discussed the visual impact of press ads once the copy was ignored (in his case by glancing at it upside down).

Often when viewed in a foreign language the effect can be the same – most marked for me in Japanese. The Japanese also have a healthy obsession with applied technology to help the ads stand out in a saturated market.

The above subway ad for Lancome takes this to another level in the medium of electric paper or e-paper. The product USP is a vibrating applicator brush. The e-paper  reflects light like ordinary paper and is capable of holding text and images indefinitely without drawing electricity, while allowing the image to be changed later, so the paper can be written and rewritten repeatedly. The effect is essentially a paper poster hanging from the ceiling of a subway train in which the image changes.

The USP communication is clear and precise with a highly relevant, interesting and motivating use of a specialist medium.

E-paper is most often seem in electronics where it is replacing LCD’s (e.g. Amazon’s Kindle), the only drawback is that it only appears in monochrome display e.g. black on white.

But a moving paper poster even in B&W is another step towards securing the attention of the ever elusive consumer.