The Best Ad Of All Time – LEGO Kipper.

Posted previously, but I’m compelled to bring it back to the top of the pile for another outing.

LEGO has certainly become an incredibly flexible brand without losing it’s core promise of creativity and imagination – as brilliantly established in its classic 1981 Mike Cozens “Kipper” ad, still one of the best ads ever made, particularly as I remember seeing it is a young LEGO fan…(interestingly the impressionist Roger Kitter not Tommy Cooper does the voiceover):


Lego classic commercial – Kipper ad

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There are a few new Lego stop frame animations in the blogosphere – in particular a tune called “8-bit trip” with over 3 million views on YouTube:

But you still can’t beat the original and the best use of Lego in the “Lego Kipper” ad.

“Lego Kipper” was created by TBWA way back in 1981 by Mike Cozens and Graham Watson. With a Tommy Cooper like voice over (he didn’t actually do it…), it explains all in 45 seconds of brilliantly crafted work.

Timeless and worth another look.