Berocca 50+ “Performance yes, Miracles no” TV ad


Seeing this again still makes me grin and reminds me of why The Campaign Palace was such an innovative agency.

A tongue in cheek dig at the greying market and with a tone of voice and execution that makes it memorable.

Relevant, interesting and perhaps more motivating than the usual dreary in-kitchen vitamin taking to look after the Grand-kids sort of approach.

Great work from the now closing Campaign Palace. Palace chief creative officer Reed Collins:

“In the all too dreary world of pharmaceutical advertising Berocca really stands out. The new Berocca Focus 50+ campaign is refreshingly honest for the category and it’s audience.”

CCO: Reed Collins
ACD: Gerhard Myburgh
AD: Andrew Jones
CW: Hywel James, Paul Bootlis
Producer: Jacqui Gillies
Production Co: Film Construction
Director: Steve Saussey
Producer: Sascha Hodgson
Editor: Gabi Muir
Group Account director: Bruce Davidson
National Marketing Manager: George Reeves
Senior Brand Manager: Nick Lynch
Brand Manager: Kylie Berge

‘Lambstock’ – TV Ad Meat and Livestock Australia

The above ad is getting some good attention and seemed relevant to comment on given the post below featuring Sam from Meat and Livestock Australia fame.

Some say it is weird to suggest that Hippies are BBQ lovers.

Some suggest (anti-drug campaigners) that the reference to “a lamb roll-up” and the mimicking of smoking marijuana is courting controversy.

But the creators of the ad, BMF, say that their tongue is firmly in their cheek and they are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. I think that coining “Lambstock” is a great PR move.

It is a fun piece of work for what could arguably be a very dull and predictable category. No sheep in sight. Some great detail in there – the turning of the lamb to the music, the peace sign indicating two ribs please…

The aspect of the campaign that I particularly like is the continuity of the “hippie” theme to on-line, press and outdoor.

The following certainly grabs the attention and links really nicely with the TV:

Forcing a reassessment of Lamb perhaps….? More at: