Nike Football, “My time is Now”


14 million views on YouTube and still going strong.

I’ve often eulogized the Nike work. Their access to and use of stars is often exemplary, but does this one go too far?

It is a promo that invites you into an interactive on-line opportunity to “find out what it takes”.

All very slick as you would expect, but is it too much?

With a wealth of talent at their disposal, everyone is in this spot Neymar, M’Vila, Götze, Ribéry, Sneijder, Ronaldo to name a few. Even Lebron James is crammed in there!

A case of not seeing the wood for the trees and not getting the best value out of priceless talent?

Obviously Nike and football have moved onto the global stage, but I still prefer some of the more tailored work – any excuse to show Park Life again:

Nike – she runs the night – in fear??

At first sight something worried me in this. A woman running through the night, in the deserted back-streets of an anonymous city didnt depict confidence and wellbeing. The introduction of a prying predator enforced this view.

I get what the ad is trying to say – compete with your friends, dedicate yourself to the task, but there are a lot of negative undertones that cloud the positive messaging. The better ads show getting fit as an aspirational endeavor, rather than a dice with death at midnight…

Nike – Human Chain

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Clever and different stuff from Nike. As always selling a message in the medium.

Client: Nike
Title: Human Chain

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland
Creative Directors: Alberto Ponte & Jeff Williams
Copywriter: Jason Bagley
Art Director: Ryan O’Rourke

Gatorade: “There is no Small Game”…for park players everywhere.

Most can eulogize about the fantastic creativity of the sports brands when it comes to the World Game.

Nike continue to excel and as posted previously, even the broadcasters are making some great ads when it comes to football.

Gatorade have reinterpreted the sentiment behind the famous Nike “Park Life” ad with a very entertaining piece for park players everywhere.

By CLM BBDO in France it gives a great twist to what you might expect and the mirror image of the Nike ad.

And for reference the classic 2006 “Park Life” from Nike featuring Eric Cantona, Ian Wright, David Seamen and Robbie Fowler, still with one of the best opening 5 seconds in advertising and soundtrack courtesy of Blur:

Nike ‘make the difference’ by Wieden & Kennedy London

Most of us who appreciate good advertising, appreciate the work of W&K for Nike Football.

It is creatively insightful, global in scale and utilizes all of their assets (players and teams) to full effect.

The really interesting thing about the campaigns is the level of continuity and integration across platforms, countries and products.

The new offering is the “Make The Difference” campaign. The integrated campaign of TV, OOH, Print and Digital premieres in the UK and then continues to roll out globally throughout the year. It is about what makes the players who feature in the spots truly great.

The first two spots featuring Theo Walcott (Arsenal) and Wayne Rooney (Man Utd), premiered in the Arsenal v Man Utd match last Saturday. Obvious but excellent placement.

The Rooney spot, shot by director Malcolm Venville, opens on a very mentally focused Rooney staring at his reflection in a locker room mirror. It delivers a professionals passion for the game in a new innovative way. Great stuff – even for a Newcastle fan.

Nike SB – Today Was a Good Day – P. Rod and Ice Cube

Nike SB have produced a “Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez III” a very grand name for the new shoe named after Paul or “P. Rod”, one of their professional riders and a budding actor.

The launch has a very “sick” ad (in the words of the fans), featuring Ice Cube in his low rider complete with evil grimace.

There is a great pay-off on the version below, but the version on-air doesn’t include it. Shame as this really contributes a lot to the ad:

It is a very tight, well shot piece of work with the right soundtrack. You will be nodding along in a hip-hop style. It presents another street credible side to Nike – along with Livestrong and other sports. Nike have done well to hold onto credibility in so many different areas.

Clever stuff, close to their consumer and still going strong.

Nike Chalkbot and Lance Armstrong: Tour De France Winners

The coverage of the Tour has been a great success.

Much of the coverage features some great commentary from Phil and Paul who discuss the riders and the stages throwing in facts to make you feel like you’re on a gastronomic and historical tour of regional France.

One thing that caught my attention last night was Lance Armstrong. Hard to miss him, but the commentary talked about his Livestrong campaign featuring his series of designer bikes that would be auctioned and the success of the “Chalkbot” campaign.

An Example and video below explains all via the agency DeepLocal

Basically, playing off the tradition to chalk messages on the road during the tour, Nike set up a twitter and website allowing people to submit their own “Livestrong” messages:

What’s amazing is the depth and breadth of the campaign as a whole. Few Brands other than Lance and Nike could pull off such an ambitious and well executed campaign. The awareness amongst a new audience is pivotal in its success.