ITV’s Euro 2012 trailer “It’s good to dream” – best football ad this year.


As the Europe and football fans everywhere look towards another Euro 2012, there is a flurry of advertising activity from the likes of adidas, Carlsberg etc.

But of all the choices, I think that the ITV effort gets top marks.

For a TV promo. it is pretty good. And if we were talking about an agency, we might even say there’s a good insight on the beleaguered English fan thinking (dreaming) of what might have been.

Above all it is entertaining and gives you a positive feeling about ITV and perhaps a stronger inclination to watch the channel where you have a choice.

Some great little insights that show what might have been. I particularly like the Gazza (Paul Gascoigne) monument in place of the “Angel of the North” and the Kevin Keegan references (bias of a Newcastle United fan) and if only Maradonna had been sent off!

BBC Sport – Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games Animation (TV Promo)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For those of us a touch tired with the cliched snow and ice imagery that drives the snow and ice based Olympics at us….the BBC trailer presents an interesting alternative.

Not sure what the coverage will be like though…

SKY UK “Start of Season” on-air football promo

Continuing the theme from previous posts about strong channel promos for sport (see below), here is another good example from SKY in the UK.

It heralds the start of the season. And similar to those from FOX Sports and ESPN, it makes the most of the visceral emotion of the football fan.

Shot by Mark Harris and from the UK agency Brothers and Sisters, it captures the emotion and anticipation of the season ahead and importantly shows the empathy felt by SKY for a wide range of fans because they “feel the same”.

In other words good emotional stuff from SKY and backed up by their excellent coverage, interactive features and overall production of the games.

The First iPod Promo

Following on from Walkman’s 30th Birthday, it’s worth looking at it’s competition and how it revolutionized the market.

The intro of the iPod in 2001 was followed by some great ads, but also had this promo video for trade and consumers.

Only 8 years ago seems like an age – 5Gb hard drive, 1,000 songs and a B/W screen. The video uses the genuine reactions of Moby and Seal.

Seal says that it reminds him of the first time he picked up a Walkman. Judging by his reaction when he saw this, it was the last time he picked one up.

The lead designer talks about the products potential to become a design icon. Job done.

BBC Knowledge Moon Week Promo. Proof that Humans really are Ace.

July 20th 1969 marks the day that Neil Armstrong did the very serious job of stepping onto the moon.

BBC knowledge has produced a week of programming to mark the 40th anniversary. I’m sure there will be many worthy accounts of cold war heroics and NASA scientific struggles.

But rarely do you see such an entertaining promo. UFO’s, Bouncing Around, creative use of a pen and “proof the humans are really ace…”

Brilliant idea and well produced with a nice countdown clock to finish it off: