CommBank “Can” Campaign – Kaching, Concierge, Sandcastle and Lollipop ladies


Commbank has succeeded in getting a lot of attention through a teaser “can” campaign and launch ad with Toni Collette as posted below: Can

We now see the follow-up.

I was anticipating a bit more of a hard sell on product and service based attributes?

The “kaching” app is nice (any fees?). But the beleaguered commuter and lollipop ladies aren’t really selling me much of a service and I think a more motivating proposition is to give the potential customer real, rational reasons to switch banking based on leadership.

I still think the campaign needs to convince consumers why Commbank “can do something” no one else can or how Commbank will do something better than the others?

Hugs and feel goods don’t have the relevance, interest and motivation to get me through the door. Bank rates, service delivery and unique products other than apps could…

Here’s the series as launched:

Nice ads and well executed, but is a nice bank, with feel good friendly representatives enough to convince consumers to act in testing times?

The press which appeared after this post, does the best job so far of putting the rational support behind “can” (Can Press Campaign)

Interesting to see Mumbrella report some consumer feedback…