Brilliant Viral for Discovery Shark Week

Shark Week


Discovery Channel Shark Week Promo

A select few social media luminaries have received an intriguing promo pack from the clever people at Discovery Channel.

Shark Week is now a well established programming feature. The challenge was to re-energise a firm favourite with new creative and to utilize social media to build awareness and interest for the 20th anniversary (20 years of Shark Week says a lot in itself!)

Here it is:


1) White paper card with faux handwritten note:

“This jar holds a story, the story of a single tragic incident that needs to be unlocked. Dive in, investigate the evidence and discover what lies beneath the surface of”.

2) Glass jar, rusted metal lid, covered with salt as if it spent time in the ocean.

3) Key float with an oxidized copper key. Float reads “Discovery Marina, SW09″ [i.e. Shark Week, ’09]

4) Tiny fake newspaper clipping referring to a shark attack

5) Fake shark tooth, attached by wire to an oxidized copper rectangle with the URL inscribed on it.

Plus some post shark attack shorts and a beach warning sign.

If you go to the URL there are four jars floating in the ocean, one is clickable that will put a Frenzied Waters link on your Facebook page (clever). Two are dated with notable shark attacks. Clicking on them reveals a remarkable piece of production. Disturbing and chilling.

A lot of effort in other words. And worth it. Even an established and perhaps predictable piece of programming can receive an injection of energy from good creative thinking.

I hope the programming lives up to the promise.