PS VITA – The World Is In Play

The gaming genre continues to impress.

I particularly like the different target users and games in the ad. The best launch line up ever, including Uncharted Golden Abyss, EA FIFA Football, WipEout 2048 & Little Deviants

The idea of putting you into the action had been around for a while, but the execution is exemplary.

New Sony Socceroos ad

Sony Australia is bringing football fans closer to their heroes with a new TVC starring Qantas Socceroos Tim Cahill and Lucas Neill

Footballing Bull in new Sony viral for Twilight Football

Twighlight Football is a global event, devised by the agency Fallon, to promote the Sony’s Exmor CMOS camera technology that enables photographers to capture high-quality images in low light.

The matches will begin in Italy on 22 September before moving to France, Spain, the UK, Argentina, Australia and then finally South Africa over approximately four hours and 40 minutes.

They will take place in a variety of exotic locations from the Iguazu Falls to the glacier under Mont Blanc. In Australia it is in the Pinnacle Desert.

The viral, created by Dare, focuses on the third location, a Spanish bullring, and includes shots of a bull showing off its footballing prowess.

Footage of the event as well as a twilight photography competition is on a the Sony website.

Given SONY’s association to football leagues, there are a number of links with broadcasters and brands across the globe, including FOX Sports in Australia:

The most successful aspect is that the global campaign uses social media to full effect via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. It also supported grass roots tournaments, recruiting teams and giving it the credibility and awareness amongst fans (e.g. the UK’s Powerleague Tournament).

SONY Walkman 30th Birthday. Choromatsu Monkey Magic!

SONY’s Walkman turned 30 years old in July.

Most people are familiar with the story. In February 1979, Morita (then co-Chairman for Sony) called a meeting at Sony Headquarters to get the team behind the project. The research suggested a failure, but the team went ahead.

Morita ordered an initial production run of 30,000 Walkman units. A bold move considering that monthly sales of the best-selling tape recorder averaged 15,000 units.

The project went from development through production to preparation for launch. On June 22, 1979, it was announced that the Walkman would go on sale on July 1. The first publicity campaign featured skateboarders as proof of portability.

Much of the advertising post that (and pre-iPod) is well known

But in celebration of the Birthday, it is worth looking at one of the most memorable ads. The lead monkey is Choromatsu who died at the extremely ripe age of 29 back in 2007. He was famous for his various performances around Japan, and happily retired in 1990 to live out the latter half of his life with his 41 year old “human partner in performances,” Goro Murasaki. Enough said!

Here is his classic 1987 spot….nothing to do with portability and all to do with emotion. Monkey Magic!