Curiosity Oreo Red – Mars Rover landing press ad

Oreo has become cool.

A diminutive biscuit (cookie…) that hasn’t changed much about it’s appearance in 100 years is re-inventing itself.

More than that, it is reformulating its advertising as well as it’s ingredients.

This ad does a nice job of making Oreo a bit more topical courtesy of the Mars Rover landing on the red planet.

The Curiosity Oreo is not available in stores which is a bit of a blip in the strategy. Even as a PR giveaway it would have been outstanding.

The red cookie follows in the footsteps of a previous space-themed, boot-printed cookie in honor of the July 20th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s inaugural walk on the surface of the moon. And it is part of a much longer Daily Twist campaign.

A rainbow cream stacked Gay Pride-themed Oreo drew over 65,500 comments (both supportive and opposing) on the company’s Facebook page and was shared nearly 300,000 times.

Nicely understated and gaining popularity on-line!

Toshiba Chair – Space Chair Project

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In these days of technical wizardry when anything can be made to seem real, I really, really want to believe (and I do…) that this ad is all that it makes out to be.

It is almost too good an idea for the product.

You suspect the idea was one of those in the mind of a creative just waiting for a brief, but all in all it is wonderfully shot and composed (no V/O) and the pay-off works. The addendum below suggests it was all a strategic move…

Thought provoking and memorable.

As an addendum – nice to see that they posted the proof and a rationale!