Status Quo Coles TV ad – Prices are Down, Down, they’re staying down!


Coles Supermarkets logo.

Every bit of me says I should lambast this work.

Here we have the legends (Grandfathers…) of Rock, the mighty Status Quo, reworking their 1975 hit, ‘Down, deeper and down’, to include Coles’ ‘Down, down, prices are down’.

Quo’s original track was the inspiration behind the supermarket’s grating, but memorable tune introduced last year.

But before I drift off into dismissive hyperbole about the demise of the once great ad industry, a few salient thoughts:

  1. There is a lot of tongue in cheek in this one.
  2. Quo were the inspiration for the tune anyway.
  3. The band seem to be having fun – no doubt acutely aware of the ease of making money from Coles.

The overall impression isn’t therefore that this is a credible Rock band selling out, it’s more a case of here are some ageing Rockers having a laugh at the expense of Coles.

At the same time it delivers the message and as a nod to the original tune is a bit of fun (if a bit of a cringe at the same time). This should appeal to a lot of the mass market and get the tune lazer etched into everyone’s subconscious.

Red guitars on sale in-store apparently.

Funny for a moment, but I only hope we don’t have to endure the joke too often on our screens!

Here are the boys doing their bit:


Sainsbury’s get it right with Giraffe Bread

Continuing a bit of a Supermarket marketing theme, few do it better than Sainsbury

Courtesy of Dave Trott:

Tiger Bread

Sainsbury’s Tiger Bread was nothing special. A fresh baked white loaf named many years ago by a baker who thought the patterning on top resembled a tiger.

A 3 year old (with the help of her Mum) wrote a letter to Sainsbury’s, suggesting it looked far more like the patterning of a giraffe than a tiger.

A guy from Sainsbury’s customer service took the trouble to reply with a light hearted letter, and agreed it did indeed look far more like a giraffe.

Mum posted both letters on her blog. People began tweeting about it and re-posting on their own blogs.

As a result Sainsbury’s have changed the name to Giraffe bread.

No expensive ad campaign. No repackaging. No change of recipe. No price change.

Loads of positive PR and column inches for Sainsbury’s for virtually no investment.

Google Tiger Bread. It’s not recipes you see listed, it’s ”Sainsbury’s is renaming…” ”Sainsbury’s changes…” ”Sainsbury’s rebrands…” ”Sainsbury’s letter…”