Nickie de Jager VW make-up whilst driving YouTube ad


It is all too rare to see an arresting ad that has this sort of impact with a precisely targeted group.

If you didn’t know what was coming (as most viewers don’t on Nickie’s site), the impact is phenomenal.

The genius in this ad is to get the creative idea beautifully executed and placed in the most relevant, well targeted place possible – Nickie de Jagger’s YouTube site.

This is VW creating a relevant and motivating connection with drivers.

VW are one of the most impressive companies at this sort of big idea based advertising. A few classic examples:

VW deepest bin and VW Stairs from their fun theory creative site.

The video can originally be found in Nickie’s channel Nickie Tutorials 

Thanks to Gruen for getting this one on-air.

VW Fun theory – Bottle Bank Arcade Machine

Vodpod videos no longer available.

More simple Brilliance from VW via the Bottle Bank at

Maybe all brands will be this smart someday?

Lets replace “Return On Investment” with “Return On Ideas”? The Swedish strike again…


Piano stairs – –

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Some companies and agencies genuinely commit to understanding consumer insight (planning), to make great advertising (creative).

VW and DDB have been in this area for a while, whilst other agencies and clients flounder in the effort to attract (rather than understand) their consumers.

This is a great illustration of the point from VW. And it reflects very positively on their brand.

In the words of the agency:

“We believe that the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better is by making it fun to do. We call it The fun theory. Do you have an idea that uses fun to change behaviour? Enter now for the chance to win €2500.

This is a classic & immediate example.